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What is the difference between split air conditioner, central air conditioning and window air conditioner?

Each and every answer was too long to be good. So posting a short answer.

Every AC has 4 main component:

  1. Compressor (makes noise while working)
  2. Condenser
  3. Expansion valve (air losses the heat here / air becomes cool here)
  4. Evaporator (output of cold air)

All the ACs that you mentioned are categorised by the placement of above four units in the AC.

  1. Window AC: the simplest and cheapest of all

All the four essential components are inside one box. Thus it is cheaper, but as the compressor is now closer to your room, you will hear a lot of noise. (It happens with some of our refrigerator’s compressor as well, we hear some noise while compressor is working)

2. Split AC: little more complex-advanced and costly.

Now to reduce noise, they decided to shift compressor somewhere away from the people who are in the room (Imagine 5 star hotel, where comfort is everything and the client wants to sleep in perfectly silent room – so the invention)

With compressor they also shifted condenser outside, only evaporator is required near the room, but for some simplicity reason the expansion valve is also in the indoor unit.

Note: Expansion valve makes hisssssss sound, so they are planning to shift it to outdoor unit as well. You might see the change soon.

3. Central AC: Compressor condenser outside, far away from the room to be cooled.

Imagine there’s just one BIG outdoor unit (like in split AC but of much larger capacity) with multiple ducts (outlet openings) which are connected to multiple indoor units. These indoor units can be of different types. I’ll post few pics of different indoor units which you see in offices and CCDs or multiplexes.

Thank you. I might have skipped few details to keep it easy and short. Upvote if you liked the answer.

How does an ac cleaning work?

ac cleaning and refrigerators work the same way. Instead of cooling just the small, insulated space inside of a refrigerator, an air conditioner cools a room, a whole house, or an entire business.

Air conditioners use chemicals that easily convert from a gas to a liquid and back again. This chemical is used to transfer heat from the air inside of a home to the outside air.

The machine has three main parts. They are a compressor, a condenser and an evaporator. The compressor and condenser are usually located on the outside air portion of the air conditioner. The evaporator is located on the inside the house, sometimes as part of a furnace. That’s the part that heats your house.

The working fluid arrives at the compressor as a cool, low-pressure gas. The compressor squeezes the fluid. This packs the molecule of the fluid closer together. The closer the molecules are together, the higher its energy and its temperature.

The working fluid leaves the compressor as a hot, high pressure gas and flows into the condenser. If you looked at the air conditioner part outside a house, look for the part that has metal fins all around. The fins act just like a radiator in a car and helps the heat go away, or dissipate, more quickly.

When the working fluid leaves the condenser, its temperature is much cooler and it has changed from a gas to a liquid under high pressure. The liquid goes into the evaporator through a very tiny, narrow hole. On the other side, the liquid’s pressure drops. When it does it begins to evaporate into a gas.

As the liquid changes to gas and evaporates, it extracts heat from the air around it. The heat in the ac cleaning service is needed to separate the molecules of the fluid from a liquid to a gas.

The evaporator also has metal fins to help in exchange the thermal energy with the surrounding air.

By the time the working fluid leaves the evaporator, it is a cool, low pressure gas. It then returns to the compressor to begin its trip all over again.

Connected to the evaporator is a fan that circulates the air inside the house to blow across the evaporator fins. Hot air is lighter than cold air, so the hot air in the room rises to the top of a room.

There is a vent there where air is sucked into the air conditioner and goes down ducts. The hot air is used to cool the gas in the evaporator. As the heat is removed from the air, the air is cooled. It is then blown into the house through other ducts usually at the floor level.

This continues over and over and over until the room reaches the temperature you want the room cooled to. The thermostat senses that the temperature has reached the right setting and turns off the air conditioner. As the room warms up, the thermostat turns the air conditioner back on until the room reaches the temperature.

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