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House Cleaning Rates Per Hour
Hourly rates for house keeping range from $20 to $50 every hour per specialist, with most home cleaning visits enduring in any event two hours with one laborer for $75–$110. A cleaning administration will for the most part charge you dependent on what number of individuals they have to send to your home to clean.

You decide the recurrence of cleaning you need. You could go for a week by week cleaning, a one-time visit, or get a cleaning team in your home that day you require a conference. With a week by week cleaning administration, your first-time cleaning will take longer and cost more. For an hourly rate for house keeping, expect the costs below.

Individuals Hours Weekly One-Time Visit Same Day
1 $30 – $50 $45 – $50 $68
1 2.5 $75 – $90 $83 – $99 $135
1 4 $115 – $135 $127 – $149 $203
2 $130 – $155 $150 – $170 $250
2 4 $200 – $250 $220 – $275 Varies
Housekeeper Mopping Bedroom Floor

House Cleaning Cost Per Room
Some cleaning organizations may charge by the quantity of rooms just as a room-cleaning administration, charging $30 to $50 per room (bed or restroom), while others may charge by the quantity of tenants in a room. The more the room gets utilized, the more the organization should clean. Additionally, a main room will require all the more cleaning, as will lounge rooms and washrooms. Restroom cleaning costs will be higher than they are for different rooms if that is all you need to be cleaned.

Rooms Bathrooms Average Cost
1 $75 – $110
1 2 $110 – $130
2 1 $100 – $120
2 $135 – $195
3 1 $130 – $180
3 2 $140 – $190
4 3 $200 – $225
5 3 $210+
Condo Cleaning Prices
By and large, condo cleaning costs go from $75 to $135, contingent upon what number of rooms and washrooms. For a bigger 3-room 2-restroom condo, the cost begins at $135 an hour for general cleaning. Profound cleaning could run you $180 60 minutes. Condos are generally littler than homes and can be less expensive to clean.

Rooms Bathrooms Prices
4 2 $140 to $200
3 2 $135 to $180
2 $95 to $130
2 1 $80 to $110
1 2 $90 to $120
1 $60 to $90
Move-Out Cleaning Cost
You could pay a cleaning administration generally $150–200 for your move-in or move-out cleaning cost for a 1,000-square-foot home. A move-out cleaning is basic when selling your home, or to recover your lease store. Over a profound clean, move-out cleaning incorporates a few administrations like wiping out kitchen apparatuses, kitchen cupboards, and cleaning floors.

Home Size Average Cost
Studio $100
1 bed 1 shower $110
2 bed 1 shower $120 – $180
2 bed 2 shower $135 – $210
3 bed 1 shower $175 – $260
3 bed 2 shower $180 – $300
4 bed 3 shower $200 – $390
Extra Rooms $35 each
Extra administrations which will drive move-out cleaning costs are:

Carpet cleanser $75 to $200 or $0.18/SF
Cleaning the cooler $12–$35
Windows $5–$10 a window each side and $3 a screen
Cleaning – waxing floors $25 to $50
Cleaning stove inside $15–$50
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Cleaning Services Prices
Most expert cleaning administrations, for example, Merry Maids or Molly Maid charges $75 to $100 every hour for two cleaners or about $0.10 per square foot. Cleaning a 2,000-square-foot house would cost $200 per visit. You’re additionally paying for the comfort of enlisting a dependable organization and trusted staff.

Cleaning Services Prices List
Cleaning Service Starting Cost Per Hour
Happy Maids $100
Molly Maids $75
The Cleaning Authority $75
Cleaning experts regularly won’t deal on explicit costs and will probably adhere to a preset rundown of valuing for their sorts of administrations. The manner in which an organization may deal with business with specific structures and convention may expand their prices.

Home Cleaner Scrubbing Kitchen During Deep Cleaning

Merry Maids Cost
Joyful Maids regularly costs $100 every hour for two cleaners with a two-hour least. A considerable lot of the Merry Maid establishments have offers for $50 to $100 off your initial five week by week or every other week cleanings. Nonetheless, Merry Maids has some fine print that can drive up the cost quickly.

Merry Maids of Lethbridge have the accompanying cleaning packages:

Bundle Starting Cost
Spending limit Minded Cleaning Package
Clean the kitchen main restroom, family room, and one extra room. $110+
Performer’s Dream Cleaning Package
Clean the regions visitors will see: living, cooking, feasting, and bathroom territories. $140+
Flex Cleaning Package
For substitute regions cleaned on inverse weeks. $140+
Clean for Show Package
To clean everything $175+
Shimmer and Shine Cleaning Package
For a one-time profound clean which incorporates all entryways, entryway casings, baseboards, and window ledges. $345+
Molly Maid Prices
Molly Maid costs run from $75 to $96 for a group of two cleaners for an hour of administration. For a normal 3-room, 2,000-square-foot home, you may pay $300 for 4 hours’ work. Molly Maid now and then offers $60 off three cleanings or $100 off the initial ten cleanings.

The following Molly Maid costs are accounted for by HomeGuide clients, yet these can change impressively relying upon your piece of the country.

Bundle Starting Cost
2 Cleaners 1 Hour $75 – $100
2 Cleaners 2.5 Hours $150 – $300
2 Cleaners 3.5 Hours $240
1-Bed Apartment (One-Time) $150
3-Bed House (One-Time) $220 – $370
The Cleaning Authority Prices
The Cleaning Authority charges $75 to $90 every hour for two specialists and utilizations eco-accommodating cleaning items. Their cleaning framework guarantees every one of the rooms are cleaned appropriately over a month, with fundamental cleaning each week and more profound cleaning of the washrooms, rooms, kitchen, and living territories on pivoting weeks.

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